Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Greeting Card

My best friend(Joey)'s birthday is on 4th of July.
It's happy that she completed her diploma studies in college.
I decided to make a card for her.
I take a sample from internet. I like it much , the design is simple and lovely.

There is great difference between my hand-made and sample greeting card.
Mine ... is much simple and .. not attractive as well . hehe.

Anyway, Joey kindly accepted it.
Wish Joey has good future in her life.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Toy Story 3

"Toy Story" is universal favourite movie which is comedy and adventure film.
The main attractive value is about the friendship.
These films speak to very human worries of abandonment, rejection, disappointments and regrets.
These fears are not adult concerns but children too.
Toy story 3 look deeper into the relationship between toys and humans.
Andy is a young adult ready to go off to college. He has not played the toys in years.
He plan to take Woody to college wit him and the other toys are destined to end up storage in attic.
Through the standard sorts of mix-ups the toys instead are taken to be donated at a local daycare center. The toys at first are happy that seems to be the best of all possible worlds.
However, they found that some humans are better than others.

It's touching that Woody realized that his relationship with Andy is only temporary.
Andy is growing up and become too old for the ageless Woody.
Woody make a choice that he leave from Andy , he and his teams continue bring happiness to other child(Bonnie).